contemporary textile art biennial
Jul 26 to Oct 11, Guimarães – Portugal.

Contextile 2014

exhibitions, workshops, residency, talks, interventions

Contextile 2014 is closing

The International Exhibition is open until October 5th

New workshops “Experience the textile”

Natural Dyeing / E-Textile Art

Textile Talks

Textile in Education Art / New Fibers in Artistic Creation

Public interventions

in Guimarães and Alfândega do Porto

Opening video

of Contextile 2014

Contextile 2014 Awards

Acquisition Prize and Honorable Mentions

Opening Ceremony

Contextile 2014's big kick off

Find out what will happen in this edition

Contextile 2014 Programme

Workshop Drawing with Threads

by Cindy Steiler

Telling stories through embroidery

Artistic Residency

Selected artists

International Exhibition


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