Telling stories through embroidery

Artistic Residency

    Since June 28 the american artist Cindy Steiler is being doing an artistic residency at Oficina, in Guimarães, and she is learning all about the traditional embroidery of Guimarães.
    Cindy believes that embroidery celebrates women and girls and that it is a kind of statement. “For me, personally, I feel that is something generally taught woman to woman and it’s passed down to generation to generation. So, when I am embroidering I feel that not only connects me to my great-grandmother and to a very happy time in my life but it also connects me to her mother who taught her and to her mother’s mother and it keeps going back.”
    For this artist embroidery means the preservation of history and tradition. “What I like about the traditional embroidery of Guimarães is the rules and having to work with the confines of the rules of restricted colors, of not mixing colors and having some — let’s say — ‘limitations’. That forces you to be more creative. Getting to learn this and mixing it with my artwork is kind of fun. It is like mixing traditions and contemporaneity and mixing the past with the present, that is also something that I really like.”
    The artwork produced during this artistic residency will be exhibit during Contextile 2014. Don’t miss it!
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