Artistic Residencies

Contextile 2016 will host several artistic residencies, between 20 June and 30 July, in the city of Guimarães, Portugal.
These residencies contribute to the achievement of the biennials strategic objectives: approaching the Textile and Embroidery of Guimarães to contemporary textile art, enabling artists to new experiences and new creative approaches from the different techniques of the manufacture of the textile.
In this 2016 edition we planned the host of three Artistic Residencies: with Jacquard technique (at SAMPEDRO); Imprint technique (at MORETEXTILES); Guimarães Embroidery technique (at the workshops’ atelier).

We received applications from 43 artists (of various parts of the world) for the 3 Artistic Residencies proposed: Embroidery (11), Imprint (20), Jacquard (12).
Thank you for your applications and artistic proposals.

The artworks produced will be presented in an exhibition at Casa da Memória from 30th July to 16th October, opening on the 30th July as part of Contextile 2016.

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