7 July — 30 September 2023 

LãnoLinho is an exhibition that results from artistic residencies developed by artists Cindy Steiler and Mónica Faria in the territory of Fafe and its communities. It forms part of the “To experiment textile” initiatives, carried out in the territory of Vale do Ave by the Contextile biennial, with the purpose of connecting the different textile realities with each other and connecting the public and communities to the creation processes around textiles.

Lãnolinho is an exhibition that brings together a collection of both documentary and material that palpitates in the territory of Fafe about textiles. Its search engine is the strength of wool and linen, still present in the looks, wrinkles, and lines of the words of those who lived immersively for years side by side with the land.

During a month it was possible for us to meet beautiful people who love their history, their knowledge, and their work on matters that are somehow undervalued. Persistent people, who with much hope shared with us the hope for new adventures. The desire to open doors, windows, hopes, dreams, and to observe mistakes and disappointments that allow the plot of a rich, adventurous, and somehow heroic life in this complex fabric of what was, is, and will be.

With this exhibition, we want to show the richness that art allows us to achieve: the demonstration of laughter, of the smell, of what is not said or seen, but by seeing and contemplating, makes us feel part of a story that now begins to be told again.

initiative: Município de Fafe

Concept and prodution: Ideias Emergentes / Contextile 2022

Co-financing: DGARTES


Media Partner: Jornal T