Contextile 2024 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial congratulates and thanks the 1.300 artists (from 79 countries) who submitted 1.505 artworks for the International Exhibition competition.

The high number and quality of the works made it difficult for the jury, a multidisciplinary team composed by Lala de Dios (professor of Art and Textile History, curator), Janis Jefferies (emeritus professor of visual arts, curator, writer and artist), Cindy Steiler (textile artist), Magda Soboń  (artist and art teacher), and Cláudia Melo (artistic director of Contextile).

The Jury gathered in person on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April in Guimarães, Portugal, and, after a long and challenging evaluation process, selected 57 works by 50 artists (from 29 countries) according to the criteria of the call’s regulations (high creativity, originality and technical competence around the textile element, by its construction, theme or material used) as well as the Contextile 2024 concept: “TOUCH”.  From the submitted proposals, artistic interventions were also selected to be presented in public spaces during the 7th edition of the Biennale of Contemporary Textile Art in 2024.

The Acquisition Prize and the Honourable Mentions of the International Exhibition will be awarded at the opening of Contextile 2024, scheduled for the 7th September in Guimarães, Portugal.


Selected Artists

57 works |  50 artists | 29 countries

Ana Lima-Netto
Anastasia Carpio
Angelina Nogueira
Anna ILL
Anna Resei
Anne Marx
Antonia Alarcón
António Jorge
Ariana Macedo
Arnaud Cohen
Beatriz Pisa
Camilla Marinoni
Carlos Bautista Biernnay
Celia Eslava
Colette Boulet
Conceição Abreu
Consuelo Walker Guzmán
Daniele Davitti
Dominika Krogulska-Czekalska
Eleni Kindyni
Eli Eines
Emilia Domanska
Estefanía Tarud
Frederick Bamfo

Giulia Spernazza
Graham Hollick
Hedvig Harmati
Henry Ortiz
Hsiao Ai Wang
Josipa Stefanec
Juliana Ribeiro
Kate Just
Katrina Leitena
Kayla Mattes
Kinga Földi
Konrad Juscinski
Lara Salous
Laurita Siles
Lilia Ziamou
Lorenzo Vacirca & Lorenzo Romaniello
Loreta Švaikauskienė
Maaike Gottschal
Mohammed Umar Sharief
Neve Insular
Niina Hiltunen
Nikos Iosiff
Nita Monteiro
Valeria Rivilla
Witinka Design