The last few years have posed renewed challenges to the firmness of the social fabric, reinforcing the urgency of togetherness. The 7th edition of CONTEXTILE – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, taking place between September and December 2024, in Guimarães, is designed with a focus on the involvement of the biennial with the community(ies) of the territory(ies) where it resides and works.

In the same way a fabric is built from the perfect articulation between weft and warp, societies also depend on the way in which people who compose them relate to each other. The 2024 Biennial is committed to creating and working together, reinforcing its commitment to art and culture, but also to the ecosystem and sustainability.

In this sense, it underlines what has been one of its most marked lines of identity: a platform of meeting and creation in community.

CONTEXTILE 2024 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial will last longer, extending its period of activity by more than a month. They will be 100 days dedicated to Contemporary Art and Textile Culture, between September 7 and December 15 2024, in a program that includes exhibitions, artistic residencies, performances, workshops and the Textile Talks cycle.

Counting, as always, with the partnership and support of the Municipality of Guimarães, DGArtes / Ministry of Culture and agents of the textile industry in the region, CONTEXTILE 2024 will occupy the various cultural spaces and public areas of the city of Guimarães, with the aim of promoting the best of what is done in contemporary textile art in Portugal and in the world, encouraging the artistic creation with textile as reference.

CONTEXTILE adds more than a decade of work, being, recognisably, an international reference in the scope of contemporary textile art. But it is also a unique cultural and artistic event, transforming Guimarães and the Vale do Ave region into the epicentre of a territory of textile culture. These are the dynamics and interactions that move us and motivate us to new steps and challenges, in total sharing with artists, creatives, communities, and the places of the territory(ies).