Textile Talks




10H – 18h

A fundamental part of Contextile’s programme is based on the reflection and debate of ideas, setting Textiles and their growing importance and prominent presence in artistic events in the context of international contemporary art.           
This artistic dimension of Textiles in all its forms of expression and representation has been explored in the Textile Talks, a programme for the presentation and discussion of contemporary artistic projects and works. The 2024 Textile Talks Art(e) will focus on the theme of this 7th edition of Contextile: TOUCH.

Textile Talks are an opportunity for artists, creators and researchers to present their artistic and/or research projects on the subject of textiles.
The programme below is made of Contextile 2024 partners, invited artists and speakers plus the artists selected through an open call.

SUNDAY, September 8

10:00 | Greetings/Welcome

• Presentation of the TextileTALKS, its objectives and methodologies. Lala de Dios, Textile Talks curator.
• Presentation of the concept of Contextile 2024, TOUCH. Cláudia Melo, Contextile Artistíc Director.
• Presentation by the Councellor of Culture of Guimaräes Town Council.

Speed Talks [8 minutes each)
• Ana Serra Rocha / María Dolores Gallego, Portugal/Spain. International Artistic Narratives. An International Collaborative Message
• Meghan Price, Canada. Soft Rock.
• Barbara Long, United Kingdom. A Very Touching Story: The Making of Mother Material.
• Brígida Ribeiros, Portugal. Therapeutic textiles. Gauze, a healing fabric.
11:15 | coffee break

11:30 | Invited Speakers (15 minutes each)

• Canada, invited country to Contextile 2024. Curators of the Canadian art exhibition.

• Zala Orel, Slovenia. Director of the Textile Art Biennial BIEN.

Speed Talks [8 minutes each)
• Katie Taylor, United Kingdom. Clothing and Identity
• Laurita Siles, Spain. Mutur Beltz: Crafting Sustainable Connections through Touch. Exploring Creativity and Eco-consciousness.
• Dominika Krogulska-Czekalska, Poland.Transcending Threads: Exploring Post-Textile Discourse in Activism.
. Andrea Kaňkovská / Lucia Horňáková Černayová, Czech Republic / Slovakia. Material Flow Project.
> Conversation with the artists.

13:00 | Lunch

14:30 | Invited Speakers (15 minutes each)

• Esther Grau Quintana, Spain. Co-curator of the invited artist Josep Grau-Garriga’s exhibition.
• Lala de Dios, Spain. Co-curator of the invited artist Josep Grau-Garriga’s exhibition. A Pioneer’s Work: from Traditional Tapestry to Contemporary Art.

Slow Talks [12 minutes each)
• Victoria Haire, United Kingdom. Weavesound.
• Judit Eszter, Hungary. Material Sentience – Crossmodal Textile Interactions
Conversation with the artists.

16:00 | coffee break

16:15 | Invited Speakers (15 minutes each)

• Invited speaker

• Invited speaker (TBC).

Speed Talks (8 minutes each)

• Ana Zamora Moreno, Colombia. Collaboratively Embroidering Nature, an Interwoven Methodology.
• Anto Lloveras, Spain. Re-(t)exHile: Exploring Textile Architecture and Sustainable Fashion in Africa.
> Conversation with the artists (30 min.).
17:50 | Conclusions / Summary of the Textile Talks [5min]

18:00 | Networking

18:30 | [Closure]