Selected Artists

International Exhibition | Contextile 2020

The team of Contextile 2020 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial congratulates and thanks the 870 artists (from 65 countries) proposing around 1150 artworks for the competition for the International Exhibition, making a difficult task to the jury, due to the quantity and general quality of the artworks.

Contextile 2020 invited a multidisciplinary jury, composed by Lala de Dios (curator and professor of History of art and textile); Janis Jefferies (curator and emeritus professor of visual arts); Rosa Godinho (visual and textile artist); Jorge Costa (curator and artistic director); Cláudia Melo, artistic diretor of Contextile 2020, who met in the past 3rd and 7th April, via VideoConference, given the special circumstances in which we all find ourselves, around the world.

The Jury, after a long and difficult evaluation work selected 59 artworks by 50 artists from 29 countries – Portugal, several European countries, Northern and Southern America countries, Asian countries – from the basic criteria of the terms and conditions: high creativity, originality and expertise around the textile element, construction, theme, concept or material used. And being also considerated the Contextile 2020 thematic concept: Places of Memory.

The Acquisition Prize and honorable mentions will be assigned in the Opening of the Biennial, on the 5th September 2020, in Guimarães / Portugal.

Thank you all. Welcome to Guimarães,Territory of Textile Culture.

For now it’s time to stay home.

Selected Artists:

Afonso Gonçalves; Alex Younger; Amparo de la Sota; Ana Cecilia Farah; Anastasiia Podervianska; Annita Romano; Aurélia Jaubert; Baiba Osite; Bente Sætrang; Beverly Ayling-Smith; Céline Tuloup; Colectivo Plasma; Collective 96460; Daniela Contreras Flores; Dorina Horătău; Elham M. Aghili; Fernando Bueno Moreno; Giorgia Volpe; Hector Ariel Olguin; Hilde Frantzen; Inga Fonar Cocos; Irina Kolesnikova; Irmgard Hofer-Wolf; Jenny Ymker; Judy Kirpich; June Lee; Karina Guadalupe Salinas; Katalin Fóris; Kerstin Lindström; Kris van ’t Hof & Intuthuko Embroiderers; Krista Leesi; Malfridur Adalsteinsdottir; Maria João Costa; Maribel Binimelis Pérez; Marrit Veenstra; Monika Žaltauskaitė Grašienė; Nana Hamada; Nelson Miranda; Nozomi Saikai; Paulina Sadrak; Pei-Shan Wu; Piotr Strobel; Romina Schulz; Silvia Beccaria; Sonia Aniceto; Sooyeun Lee; Susana Nogueira; Xia Gao; Yini Sheng; Zyta Kaleta